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Lawsuit Filed Against School, Over Abuse

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 By

How much trust do you place in those around you on a daily basis? Your first instinct may be to assume that you don’t rely on too many people, but a closer inspection shows this is not quite true. Do you drive a car? If so, you trust that the brake manufactures tested their product thoroughly.

You trust that the bagel shop follows all safety codes and that the people who designed the building you worked in had your safety in mind. If your kids go to school, you trust each and every adult at their school to treat them well.

A horrifying story in the Baltimore Sun exposes how much damage a breach in this trust can cause. A recent lawsuit describes an ordeal that involved an aide who worked at the Maryland School for the Deaf. He was accused and found guilty of molesting several young students at the school, but a recent lawsuit alleges that another culprit is the school itself.

The Personal-Injury Lawsuit Alleges That The Abuse Lasted Longer Than It Should Have

A parent named the school as a defendant in her lawsuit, claiming that the school’s negligence enabled the abuse. The suit contends that the school’s behavior was reckless in three ways.

First, the male employees received no training on how to properly interact with the students. Second, male aides were allowed to enter the girls’ dormitories without any supervision. Third—and most frightening—the lawsuit alleges that the school did not punish the aide after it learned of the abuse.

The aide, Clarence Cepheus Taylor III, was convicted of abusing two girls and is accused of abusing at least four others, so the school could face more lawsuits from other outraged parents.

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The Lawsuit Details The Inappropriate Actions That Went Unpunished

The mother alleges that the abuse started when her daughter was 13, specifying that there were at least five instances of inappropriate touching and groping in a two-month period. She said the experience was so traumatic that her daughter attempted suicide. She is suing for $2 million, explaining that she wants the state to take responsibility for its negligence.

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