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Lab Test Mistakes Lead to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 By

Medical malpractice is a term that covers a diverse range of negligence. The most visible cases of malpractice tend to involve surgeries gone wrong and doctors who don’t have licenses; however, the majority of malpractice cases center around a negligent mistake during the diagnosing stage of the patient-doctor relationship.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that a recent testing error in Maryland caused serious problems for a young girl. Two years ago, Rosemarie Noto’s daughter, Allie, was experiencing severe fevers and a swollen throat. Doctors in her area couldn’t find what was causing the symptoms and referred Noto to a testing center in Maryland.

There, doctors took a DNA sample and told the family to wait for the results. Soon after, a doctor told Noto that her daughter tested positive for an incurable disease called Familial Mediterranean Fever. They also told Noto that her child didn’t have long to live.

Allie began taking medication for the disease, which caused severe side effects. The family began the process of preparing for the worst. Then, the lab called back and told Noto that there had been a mistake and the lab results were wrong.

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The Lab Mixed Up the Test Results With Those of Another Patient

The error led to medical costs for the family and left Allie to suffer through serious physical side effects of medication she didn’t need to take. In the end, Noto found out that Allie’s tonsils were the problem, and all she needed was to have them removed.

After the surgery, her fevers disappeared. Believe it or not, Allie was on the luckier side of these types of mix-ups. Oftentimes, labs will mix-up a cancer diagnosis and tell a patient that they tested negative.

The patient goes back to living their life, oblivious to the disease that is steadily growing worse. In many cases, the disease progresses into an untreatable stage. If not for the mistake, the patient may have had access to more treatment options.

When people’s lives and wellbeing are at stake, mistakes like these shouldn’t be ignored.

Patients Can File Medical-Malpractice Claims After Misdiagnoses

Fortunately, the victims of misdiagnoses have the right to seek compensation for the physical suffering they endure as a result of malpractice. However, the medical field is incredibly complex, so victims will need to rely on personal-injury lawyers to seek justice.

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