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Son Dies in Police Custody

Monday, January 13th, 2014 By

The family of a young man with Down’s syndrome who died in police custody has named several officers in a wrongful death lawsuit. The parents argue that their son, Robert Ethan Saylor, would still be alive if the officers had not acted negligently.

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Saylor’s Larynx Broke During A Movie Theater Scuffle

The night of the incident, Saylor was under the supervision of an aide at a movie theater in the Westview Promenade shopping center. When the aide went to the car, Saylor re-entered the theater, and the manager called deputies for assistance.

Saylor, who weighs 298 pounds and has an IQ of 40, refused to leave the theater, which led to a physical struggle that ultimately fractured his larynx. This led to his death via asphyxiation.

Saylor’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to The Baltimore Sun, the three County sheriff’s deputies that were named in the suit contest that the incident was not due to unnecessary force, but it was the result of Saylor’s unqualified supervisor. They also say that the parents were at fault for trusting an aide who could not control Saylor’s emotional outbursts.

A Frederick County grand jury cleared the deputies of criminal misconduct, and Regal Cinemas, Inc. denied liability for the incident.

The Lawsuit Has Inspired New Police Training For Handling People With Disabilities

Filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be a trying process, especially if the victim is a loved one. But it’s important to remember that your actions can help other families avoid similar tragedies.

In the case of Robert Saylor, one positive outcome is new police training that will teach officers how to safely handle people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. According to initial reports filed by the panel that is designing the training program, there is no evidence that current training techniques are effective.

Although a successful lawsuit won’t bring their son back, the parents of Robert Saylor are helping spread public awareness about the need for a specialized approach to arresting disabled persons. If their lawsuit is upheld in court, it’s not only a victory for their son but also for everyone who has been the victim of police brutality.

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