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Medical Malpractice in Maryland

Medical malpractice occurs when health-care providers allow their level of care to fall below a certain standard and their negligence causes an injury. Although most people identify malpractice with doctors and surgeons, victims may sue other professionals such as nurses, pharmacists and midwives. In the world of personal-injury law, medical-malpractice cases are typically the most

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Baltimore To Strengthen Dog-Bite Laws

If you lived in Maryland in 2007, you likely remember hearing about Dominic Solesky on the news. The 10-year-old was playing hide and seek with a fiend behind his parent’s row house when he heard his friend yell, so he ran to find the boy. What he found instead was a neighbor’s pit bull that

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Delayed Recall Causes Death

Most personal injury lawsuits that result from car accidents are directed at a driver who was driving recklessly or negligently and caused the accident. Defensive driving techniques can help you avoid accidents with distracted drivers, but there’s not much you can do if the company that manufactured your car was negligent. That’s the topic of

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Tough On Distracted Drivers

Today, most states in the U.S. have some form of texting or calling-while-driving ban in effect. Those that don’t are currently working on them. No one denies that these types of bans are needed, but some question whether they can ever be enforced properly. Short of someone admitting to texting while driving, or a police

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Personal Injury News Baltimore

The family of an officer killed by friendly fire outside a Baltimore nightclub in 2011 is suing the Police Department, the parking service and the club owners. According to PoliceOne.com, officer William Torbit, Jr. was knocked to the ground and being attacked by eight men when he fired his gun eight times in self-defense. He

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