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Child Car Seat Laws in Maryland

Traveling by car is much safer for children than it used to be. The rate of children dying as passengers in vehicles has gone down by 60 percent since 1975, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Using appropriate restraints, including car seats, can further reduce the number of children dying or being seriously

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Maryland Auto Insurance Laws

If you operate a motor vehicle in Maryland, you’re required to maintain a certain level of liability insurance. The coverage requirement is designed to protect you and other parties from astronomical bills for medical care and property damage should a vehicle accident occur. At a minimum, your insurance policy must include: $30,000 to cover injuries

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Auto Inspections in Maryland

If you live in Maryland and operate a vehicle, it’s important to understand the laws on auto inspections. All vehicles in some Maryland counties are required to have periodic emissions tests. In addition, registering a vehicle — including a change of ownership — requires a safety inspection. Emissions Inspections Drivers cover 135 million miles in

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Maryland At-Fault and No-Fault Accident Laws

If you’re in a vehicle accident, who pays for your medical bills, the damage to your car, and other harm you suffer? It depends on the state in which you live. Maryland is an “at-fault” state for determining who has financial liability for harm caused in a vehicle crash. Typically, the driver who authorities find legally

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Maryland Whiplash Injury After a Vehicle Accident: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Compensation

What Is Whiplash? Whiplash is a painful neck injury that most often occurs as the result of rear-end vehicle crashes. The forceful rear impact causes the neck to move quickly back and forth, similar to a whip cracking. It is the rapid flexion and extension of the neck. It affects the neck muscles and ligaments which

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Maryland Moped Laws

Although mopeds may seem to bear more similarities to bicycles than to cars, in Maryland they are considered full-fledged motor vehicles that must have a proper title and insurance. If you ride a moped in the state, you’re required to have a valid driver’s license or moped operator’s permit, and the law requires that you

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Joel DuBoff quoted in Washington Post regarding ambulance delays

Several people have died after slow responses from D.C. ambulances, although it is nearly impossible to determine the impact of delays, one recent instance is being attributed to human error. On January 2nd, Albert Jackson, 67, died after he suffered a heart attack and the firefighters responded to his 911 call at the wrong location.

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Bad Weather is Not a Defense in Car Accident Cases

Rain, ice, and snow impair a car driver’s ability to drive safely. 17% of all fatal car accidents and 20% of all car accidents resulting in personal injury occur during adverse weather.[1] The fact that so many dangerous car accidents occur during bad weather is common sense for any driver in Maryland, as we try

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