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If I’ve already worked with my insurance company, can you still help me?

If I've already worked with my insurance company, can you still help me
Yes, DuBoff & Associates, Chartered can still help you. Typically, what insurance companies want to get out of any injured person involved is a recorded statement, as well as their social security number. They want to get the recorded statement so that they can use that against you at a later date.

In many instances when someone is hurt in an accident, they may not immediately realize they are injured. If you speak with an insurance company within 24 hours, you may say in the recorded statement, “I’m okay. I’m just a little sore.”

Fast-forward a few days later; all of a sudden, that person who said they were “a little sore” can no longer get out of bed. They can’t even bend over and tie their shoes. Because of their pain, they’re being forced to miss time from work. Now they realize, “This is not getting better. This is not going away. I need to go see my doctor.”

Your doctor is going to examine you, and he or she may say, “You need to go to physical therapy for six weeks to three months.”

With this new development in your health, the insurance company may try to hold your initial comments of “a little sore” against you.  They may question your medical bills and time away from work.

The insurance company may take small bits of information out of context and run with it. That’s all the insurance company is trying to do at that point. I must say, there are two sides to insurance companies for a personal‑injury claim.

If you have spoken with an insurance company, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not ideal, but an experienced personal injury attorney can still certainly help you.

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