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Can you reopen a personal injury case?

Can you reopen a personal injury case
Generally speaking, you cannot reopen a personal injury case that has been settled. If you and the defendant agreed to a settlement amount, you most likely were required to sign a form that releases the defendant and his or her insurance company from any future claims arising from that same accident or injury. Most insurance companies will not go forward with sending the settlement payment until they have received this signed release.

Even if you did not have to sign such a release, there may have been a verbal settlement agreement that acted in the same way as the above-mentioned release. Without knowing the particulars of your case, there is a good chance you will NOT be able to reopen your personal injury claim after it has been settled, but there are always exceptions.

Please remember that this information is not legal advice and should not be used in that way. For legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation, contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation. Our personal injury attorneys at DuBoff & Associates, Chartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, offer 100 percent free initial consultations. Call to speak to one of our attorneys today.

Were there multiple parties responsible for the accident?

Sometimes there are multiple parties who are responsible for a personal injury accident. This may be the case with a car accident. Perhaps there were multiple vehicles involved, perhaps there was a defect with your car, or perhaps there was an unsafe road condition and/or poor road maintenance. All responsible parties should be held accountable for their contribution to your injuries, financial hardship, and emotional turmoil.

Even if you have already settled your claim against one party, you may still be able to bring a claim against another party. This may depend on the release that you signed when you settled with the one party. Sometimes, these releases are worded in a way that prohibits you from pursuing any additional claims related to that accident/injury.

If you were injured in an accident and want to pursue further compensation for your injuries and other damages, contact a personal injury attorney to find out what options you may have. Pursuing further compensation for an accident or injury for which you have already settled a claim is not an easy task and it is sometimes not even a possible one. The only way to know your options is to seek legal advice.

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