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Bulging Disc After Accident Injury Case Settlements

Monday, September 11th, 2017 By

Spine prolapse highlighting a bulging disk after an accident

Sustaining a bulging disc injury in a car accident is always a possibility in Maryland, whether it is a side or rear impact. Clients often inquire on how much would a settlement be for a bulging disc injury and admittedly, these are complex matters.

Bulging discs are often linked to physical conditions a plaintiff faced before the car accident. This can lead to a battle with insurance companies that could end with a matter going to trial rather than being settled out-of-court. DuBoff & Associates, Chtd. spends time reviewing medical records carefully so we can show a strong link between the accident and the bulging disc. Here is an explanation of bulging discs and how they affect accident cases.

What Is a Bulging Disc?

Bulging discs can emerge in the back or neck. They are similar to a herniated disc in that they involve soft tissue slipping and causing discs to move. However, they are not completely dislodged; they swell and protrude.

While this sounds like it would be instantly painful, most bulging discs do not produce symptoms. People live with them for years before realizing there is a problem. Once they advance far enough that they push on nerve roots, then that is when the pain begins and patients seek treatment.

It usually requires an extenuating development to get to this point. That can include the blunt force trauma of a car accident or fall.

Injured patient sits in a chiropractors office having his neck and back examined for injuries

What Can Cause Bulging Discs?

Car Accidents

The impact of a car accident or fall jars your body and damages soft tissue. This affects the cushioning and spacing of vertebrae and reduces flexibility. Discs become weaker and may herniate or bulge, resulting in the bulging discs.

If you suffered back or neck injuries before, you are more likely to face bulging discs from an accident. The accident is yet another pressure on already stressed vertebrae and it could be the last straw that turns a benign condition into an extremely irritating one.

Your Lifestyle

Besides previous injuries, lifestyle can also affect vulnerability to bulging discs. If you work a job requiring heavy lifting, slouch at your desk job or wear high heels regularly, the soft tissue around vertebrae is already weakened. The blunt-force trauma of an accident could be the last step to pushing you over a very painful edge.


Even if you live relatively injury-free and do not face conditions that leave your back and neck vulnerable, another factor can still work against you with bulging discs–age. Since the back and neck go through substantial wear-and-tear even with reasonable activity, senior citizens are especially vulnerable no matter their previous medical history. The second most common cause of serious injury to senior citizens is car accidents, according to a study cited in the National Law Review. Many of these injuries involve exacerbating pre-existing medical conditions that may not have been known at the time.

With all the factors contributing to bulging discs, this creates a situation where insurance companies are likely to underestimate the role of the accident in the development of this condition and emphasize your previous challenges. That can make this a tough case which requires thorough legal guidance since you will face resistance to settlement at every stage.

Physician looking at x-rays of a spine

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury attorney when you suffer an accident makes life easier for you. Since recovering from a bulging disc is an uncomfortable affair, it is helpful to have us handle insurance company correspondence and medical record collection while you focus on healing.

This is especially true if previous medical issues contributed to the bulging disc. The insurance will argue that the accident did not have anything to do with your suffering and it will require expert testimony and medical reviews to show the link. Defendants cannot be held liable for conditions you suffered before the accident but they may face liability for aggravation. It can be a touchy process to prove that so you need strong legal expertise on your side.

Duboff & Associates, Chtd. can help you determine how much would a settlement be for a bulging disc and assure your fair treatment during the settlement and litigation process. Contact usĀ today to schedule an appointment.

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