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When someone designs, manufactures or markets a product, he or she owe the consumers who use that product the assurance that it will not cause harm. When companies or individuals fail to meet this duty of care, they run afoul of product liability law. Product liability laws ensure that individuals or companies who fail to meet their duty of care to their responsible consumers can be held accountable for the financial damages their products cause.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product in the state of Maryland, you owe it to yourselves to determine if product liability law has been violated. Contact DuBoff & Associates, Chartered for knowledgeable legal guidance.

Common instances of Maryland product liability violations

There are three broad categories of product liability cases in Maryland.

  • Design defects. These cases involve flaws in the design of a product that compromises its safety. A toy that has sharp edges is a good example.
  • Manufacturing defects. These cases involve product faults introduced during the manufacturing process. Defective brakes in an automobile are a good example.
  • Marketing defects. In these cases, there may not be anything wrong with the product, but either faulty instructions or a failure to inform consumers of possible dangers with the product led to an injury.

Products often involved in liability cases

Theoretically, any product sold is covered under product liability law. In practice, however, product liability cases usually involve products most likely to seriously harm people due to defects in design, manufacture or marketing. Common product liability cases involve:

  • Automobiles and automobile-related products
  • Foods
  • Drugs, medications and medical devices
  • Toys, strollers and other products for children
  • Cosmetics

DuBoff & Associates, Chartered understands Maryland product liability law inside and out. As an experienced personal injury law firm, we also understand wrongful deathnursing home abuse and medical malpractice actions as well as any law firm practicing in the state today. We can help.

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