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Car Accident Lawyer College Park MD

In 2020, 111 people died in car accidents in Prince George’s County, where we’ve seen the highest rates of car accidents in the state of Maryland for years now. In College Park, we’ve seen an uptick of cyclists and pedestrians on our streets. Pedestrians are more likely to be hit by a car than anywhere else in the state.

Our car accident lawyers in College Park have represented people who someone else’s negligence has injured. Victims of car accidents suffer from long-lasting injuries and often have piles of medical bills. At Duboff & Associates, Chartered, we have helped many frustrated clients and guided them through the complex process of getting the compensation they deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in College Park

In College Park, some causes of car accidents are more common than others. This is what we see in the area:

Distracted Driving

There are so many instances of distracted driving these days. While texting or talking on a phone are the most common reasons, anything can distract a driver. There are four categories of driving distraction: visual, auditory, manual, and cognitive.

Car Accident Involving a Pedestrian

Pedestrians are vulnerable to distracted or negligent drivers. Pedestrian accidents often lead to severe injuries. Typically, accidents like this occur at intersections. A driver would be at fault for running a red light or stop sign. Drivers must yield to a pedestrian who is already crossing.

Car Accident Involving a Bicyclist

Distracted drivers may not see a cyclist on the road, even if the cyclist has the appropriate lights and gear on. A cyclist involved in a car accident can get seriously injured.

What to do After a College Park Car Accident

Car accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Still, here in College Park, they are particularly common on Baltimore Avenue, which we found to be one of the most dangerous roads in Prince Georges County.

You need to check for any injuries immediately following a car accident. Even if you are feeling ok at the time of the accident, you could develop symptoms of whiplash. It’s a good idea to get looked at by a doctor after a car accident. It serves two purposes: checking on your health and creating a medical record of your injuries.

Once you’ve determined that everyone is safe or being taken care of medically, you need to call the police. Having the police on the scene of a car accident can give a foundation for your injury matter. The police can get information from all of the parties involved, talk to witnesses, and document the crash scene.

Following a car accident, it’s prudent to be wary of the insurance company. The insurance adjusters could minimize the settlement offer amount. If the insurance company is persistent in contacting you or asking you to sign any documents, you should advise them that you are working with a lawyer.

The insurance company should pay you fair compensation for your injuries, and you should have an advocate on your side who can negotiate on your behalf. Before giving an official statement to an insurance company, you should schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer in College Park.

You will need someone you can rely on to act on your behalf quickly if you are injured in a car accident in College Park. In Maryland, you have three years to file a lawsuit after your accident. A skilled College Park personal injury attorney can help ensure that your claim is filed on time and get the compensation you deserve.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for My College Park Car Accident Matter?

You should talk to an experienced personal injury attorney about your car accident. Following an accident, the insurance adjuster will contact you to review the matter, offer a settlement, and ask you to sign the paperwork. You may be owed more than the initial settlement offer.

You cannot file a personal injury claim for the accident if you sign the settlement agreement with the insurance company. You should call an experienced College Park car accident lawyer to have a free consultation to review your case. A lawyer can advise you if you have a strong case and on the compensation you deserve. From there, a legal team can guide you through the complexities of the insurance process.

How do Duboff & Associates help after a Car Accident?

When we open a car accident matter, we take over communications with the insurance company so you can focus on recovering. We start by contacting the insurance company and creating a claim on your behalf. From there, our team gathered all of the documents needed to investigate the car accident’s circumstances. We also collect all of the medical bills and records.

We present the scope of the claim to the insurance company for consideration to settle. Our goal is to make sure you get the best compensation for your injury and losses. It is our duty to present the best argument to get reasonable compensation.

If we cannot settle with the insurance company, we may pursue a lawsuit. Our team can advocate for you every step of the way.

How is the Statute of Limitations for a Car Accident Claim?

In College Park and throughout Maryland, you have three years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is the statute of limitations on car accident lawsuits. While there are a few exceptions to the statute of limitations, typically, if you don’t file within that period, then you cannot file.

You should act fast after being involved in a car accident in College Park. Contact an experienced lawyer who can help you obtain all pertinent documents and evidence to send a demand letter to the insurance company within the deadlines.

Do I Need to be Concerned about Contributory Negligence?

If you were somewhat at fault in the car accident, you might not be able to recover losses from the accident. Contributory negligence is a counterclaim that the insurance company may use against you. If they can prove you were negligent, you may have reduced compensation.

If you are worried about your role in a car accident, you need to call a seasoned College Park car accident lawyer today. An attorney can review and assess the facts of the accident and help you create a strong argument for your total compensation.

A Solid Reputation in College Park

If you have been involved in a car accident in or around College Park, Maryland, and you need help – our law firm is here to help. We have represented clients just like you who have been hurt in all types of car accidents, including ones involving a pedestrian, bicycle, or distracted driving.

Each of our experienced College Park car accident attorneys is ready to discuss your car accident matter. Since 1981, DuBoff & Associates, Chartered has built its reputation within the legal profession and with the College Park community on caring.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer College Park Trusts

We also understand that every legal matter is unique and therefore requires a unique solution. We will not force you to accept a particular legal strategy simply because it is more convenient. We always take the time to understand our clients, their cases, and the optimal course of action based on their specific needs.

DuBoff & Associates, Chartered is dedicated to advocating for people just like you who a negligent driver has hurt. We will fight for your rights and give you peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced attorney standing by your side. To learn more or schedule a free initial consultation, call our law office today.



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