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Don’t Let Coronavirus Stop You From Getting Medical Treatment

Saturday, June 20th, 2020 By

Medical Treatment

Will the Virus Have a Detrimental Effect on Car Accident and Personal Injury Cases?

Our team of personal injury legal specialists has recently been receiving many questions about how the novel coronavirus COVID-19 may detrimentally affect personal injury lawsuits, so on this page, we are going to share some thoughts about how the virus can potentially impact the value of an individual’s case.

There is no doubt about it that we are all undergoing unprecedented times, which is why all of us at DuBoff & Associates are staying as informed as possible in terms of how the coronavirus is affecting our new and existing cases. We’ve been informing our clients in terms of their best ways to maintain the full value of their case for over 40 years, and this expertise couldn’t be more important within today’s pandemic.

We all know how frightening it is to even consider going to a hospital given the contagion risks, but we cannot urge people enough to still receive medical treatment when they’ve been involved in a car accident or any other personal injury scenario.

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an accident and you’re concerned about the coronavirus’ effect on your ability to obtain adequate and prompt medical treatment, contact us today for a free consultation so we can go over the details of your accident and help you obtain medical treatment in a way that better coincides with your concerns.

Accident Victims NEED to Obtain Medical Treatment to Maintain Their Case’s Value

One of the most imperative actions an accident victim must take when it comes to maximizing the overall value of a personal injury case is making sure they receive all the medical treatment they require and are prescribed by their doctor. Treatment can come in all different forms, and sometimes this even entails an accident victim getting surgery in emergency situations. Other common treatments include physical therapy, injections, prescriptions, regular checkups and surgery months after an accident.

But no matter what type of medical treatment you obtain, the biggest concern in terms of maximizing a personal injury case’s value is always in the MANDATORY reception of every treatment that’s recommended by medical experts. The big concern within today’s COVID-19 outbreak is that many people are scared to keep up with their medical appointments or even see medical professionals.

It’s crucial that accident victims fully understand that any contagion fears oriented around the coronavirus will not be a good enough reason in terms of not adequately obtaining necessary medical treatment in the days and weeks after an accident occurs. Getting your full and necessary medical treatment after an accident is always needed in terms of maximizing a case’s value because we cannot prove the overall extent of your injuries without medical records and recommended treatments!

Some Treatment Exceptions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anyone who’s keeping up with the mainstream media will understand how local hospitals all across the country are experiencing overflows with coronavirus patients, which has led to many people literally not being capable of properly scheduling and implementing a doctor’s appointment. In this type of situation, it’s important to know that any delays in treatment and resolving your case are your best legal options. It’s never a good idea to risk your case’s maximum value, so simply waiting to obtain and complete your treatment prior to filing your lawsuit will ultimately maintain your case’s value.

However, being diligent in terms of getting your medical treatment in a prompt manner during the coronavirus outbreak is still a major concern for all accident victims looking to obtain their rightful compensation within a personal injury lawsuit.

Insurance companies will always want accident victims to be treated within a week after the accident occurs, and most insurance companies won’t change their general criteria of filing a claim WITHIN 72 HOURS! This is exactly why the DuBoff & Associates team is offering our recommended doctors that will come to see you in your home if you feel uncomfortable going to the hospital or simply can’t go.

We know how stressful it can be to need medical treatment these days as COVID-19 cases continue to grow throughout Maryland and the surrounding area, which is why we want you to know that we’re here to support you with safe home visits from experienced medical experts.

Insurance Companies Might Fight More Diligently to Pay Less in Claims

There’s a good possibility that many insurance companies will experience a decline in profits within the foreseeable future, which subsequently will lead them to fight much harder before being willing to settle within accident cases. We’ve helped countless clients over the years when it comes to fighting insurance companies, so any added pressure from insurance companies is something we’ll be prepared for.

We’ll always put a significant amount of pressure on insurance companies by being willing to take a personal injury case to trial, and this is something we’ll typically consider when insurance companies are being unreasonable in terms of your case’s value and the overall history of similar cases.

Don’t Delay Your Personal Injury Case Because of Coronavirus Concerns!

There are inevitably going to be some roadblocks during the coronavirus outbreak, including courthouse schedule/procedural changes, but the number one mistake an accident victim can make during this pandemic is simply waiting till this is over to hire an attorney.

Any delays in calling us will ultimately be the easiest way to reduce your case’s value, and these delays can even include just a few days after an accident when it comes to beginning medical treatment!

We can always handle your free consultation and the initial steps of the legal process remotely, so you don’t have to go to more public places and risk germ exposure.

So if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and you’re concerned about how the coronavirus may implement any possible disruptions within your case, call us at 301-495-3131 or contact us today for a free consultation so we can review the details of your injuries and help you get adequate medical treatment to begin the legal process.

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