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Drunk Driver Strikes Two Cyclists, and More Accident-Lawyer News

Monday, July 7th, 2014 By

Impaired driving is a serious problem in Maryland. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, police made 23,499 DUI arrests last year. Those drivers had 160 victims, which represented 32 percent of all fatal traffic accidents.

Given how dangerous these accidents are, two cyclists are lucky to be alive after a car accident with a drunk driver.WTOP News reports that Robin Vera Colbert had a blood alcohol level of .15 when she decided to get behind the wheel of her Nissan.

As she attempted to drive down the roadway, she drifted onto the shoulder and into a bike lane. She rear ended two cyclists before coming to a stop and waiting for police to arrive.

The two bike riders were seriously injured in the accident, and EMS rushed them to nearby hospitals. One of the victims was in critical condition and will face a long recovery before she’ll be able to walk again. Police arrested Colbert at the scene.

Police Officer Involved in Drunk-Driving Car Accident

Police officers risk their lives every day, but one of the most dangerous jobs of an officer is to divert traffic on a highway. Distracted and impaired drivers routinely cause serious injuries when emergency crews are working on the highways.

ABC News reports that a drunk driver failed to realize a police officer was directing traffic and clipped him. The officer was fortunate to suffer only minor injuries in the encounter. The combination of high speed and impairment could easily have led to a fatal car accident. Police say that the man had a BAL of .22 percent.

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Man Wins Lawsuit Against Manufacturer After Car Accident

Carlos Martinez was commuting to work in Baltimore when one of his car’s tires blew out, and the vehicle began to roll. It only rolled once, so Martinez shouldn’t have suffered severe injuries. However, his seatbelt malfunctioned, causing him to strike his head on the roof as the car rolled.  The impact left him paralyzed. Now, he can’t work, and he faces ongoing medical costs.

The Claims Journal reports that Martinez filed a lawsuit against the car’s manufacturer, Honda. The trial lasted nine days, and the jury awarded him $55.3 million.

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