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I’ve been injured in a car accident. How can you help me?

I’ve been injured in a car accident. How can you help me
If you have hurt in a car accident, DuBoff & Associates, Chartered can help you by making sure that you get the care you need .

In many instances after an auto accident, a person is left with a lot of questions—unfortunately, they don’t have any answers and they don’t know whom to turn to.

An experienced Maryland personal injury attorney will be able to answer those questions. Our team will be able to monitor your treatment and your care, and make sure that you are getting the best care and attention possible.

Many times in a car accident, people suffer multiple injuries to their head, neck, shoulder, back, knees, and foot (if they slammed on the break hard). Our attorneys make sure that our client has been examined from head‑to‑toe.

Should I Sign A Release?

If you settle your case, the auto insurance company is going to ask the client to sign a release. A release means that a person can never come back and complain about any new injuries. If somebody injures his or her knee in a car accident, but never had an MRI or any real diagnostic testing to check if anything was structurally wrong, and the client signs a release, that client can never turn back and make a new claim with the auto insurance company.

Our team, overall, can give you peace of mind. It’s comforting to know that you have people who know what they are doing monitoring your care and treatment, making sure you don’t get left with a serious and permanent injury and nobody to turn to.

We will fight the compensation you need and deserve, and address any concerns or questions you have.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Maryland, reach out to a team of lawyers that has your best interest at heart. DuBoff & Associates, Chartered can help you focus on what’s most important after an injury—healing.

What Happens First?

When a client first comes into our office, or an attorney visits their home, we answer a lot of their questions right then and there. We tell the new client, “Tonight, tomorrow, or down the road, you might have a lot more questions you didn’t ask right now.” We ask them to write those questions down and give us a call. The next day, or even next week, we find that a lot of the new clients keep calling back with more and more questions.

If you’re injured a car accident, it’s important to talk with somebody who can answer all of the questions you have. It’s important to develop a relationship with your attorney.

If you do have a question the next day, week, month, or even the next year, you should have confidence that you can dial your attorney’s cellphone number and that he or she will pick up the phone to answer your questions.

A lot of people have questions, and a lot of people have needs. We have the answers; we’re here to help them.

More Questions?

Contact our Silver Spring, Maryland, office today at (301) 683-7364 to speak to our knowledgeable personal injury team. For your convenience, we also have a Baltimore location, reachable at (443) 912-0002.

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