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2 Unmistakable Cases of Negligent Driving

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 By

It’s not always easy to determine fault in a car accident. By the time police arrive, the parties involved in wrecks are often fighting about who caused the accident. Likewise, there are many accidents that don’t offer enough evidence to determine who made a mistake. However, there are other crashes in which victims and the negligent drivers are exceedingly easy to identify. We’ve summarized two recent accidents that leave no doubt as to who caused them.


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Driver Injures 2 After Crashing Into Donut Shop

How safe do you feel while standing in line at a coffee or donut shop? Most people don’t imagine they will be involved in a car accident while indoors, but two unfortunate bystanders found out firsthand that there are many instances of storefront accidents in the United States. CBS Baltimore reports that an out-of-control driver crashed into a Dunkin’ Donuts, shocking customers and sending two employees to the hospital.

One witness said there was glass all over the sidewalk, and people were screaming for help in the shop. When emergency crews arrived, they found two people in serious condition and immediately rushed them to a trauma center. The damage to the property was extensive enough that the store owner anticipates the building will be condemned. Meanwhile, police are investigating to determine whether or not impairment played a role in the wreck.

Drugs Definitely Played a Role in Another Car Accident

Last week, police responded to a car accident that grew more bizarre as events unfolded. The driver of a Cadillac, named Artis Ray Gordon, caused a wreck while swerving between lanes and refused to exit his car to speak to bystanders. The Baltimore Sun reports that the police officer immediately suspected that Gordon was impaired because he was covered head to toe in a white powder. The officer also said that Gordon was extremely disoriented and believed that he was in another state.

Gordon told police that the white substance was food and also produced two vials of clear liquid that he called holy water. Police determined that the powder was cocaine but have not been able to identify the liquid. He now faces a variety of drugged-driving charges.

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