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Montgomery County’s Most Dangerous Streets and Intersections

Zoom in on an area and click the dots to learn more about the accidents that occurred at that location. Use the legend in the top right to toggle on/off types of accidents. In 2015, several heavily traveled Montgomery County roads stood out as the worst for vehicle accidents. Georgia Avenue took the top spot,

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Maryland Juvenile Curfew Laws

Maryland is a strict state when it comes to juvenile curfew laws. Defined as any individual under 17 years of age, juveniles are not allowed out unsupervised beginning at 11:59 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, and ending at 5:00 AM. During the week, the curfew is even earlier at 10:00 PM. While there are

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Baltimore’s Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Some areas of the city were significantly more prone to vehicle accidents than others in 2015. With more than 9,200 accidents where an injury was reported, the six most dangerous intersections were: GwynnsFalls Parkway and Reisterstown Road: 46 accidents Northern Parkway at Jones Falls Expy: 38 accidents Orleans Street at Gay & Enstor Streets: 36 accidents West

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Sideswipe Accidents are More Serious than they Appear

A sideswipe is often seen as a minor or harmless accident – the cars may be damaged a bit, but there are no physical injuries involved. This is true of some sideswipes – but not all; some sideswipe accidents have devastating consequences and result in major injuries and fatalities. According to the National Highway Safety

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Parking Lot Accidents: Liability and Compensation

Parking lot accidents typically don’t cause serious injuries, but they happen frequently and can result in substantial property damage to vehicles. Busy lots can be confusing, with cars headed in various directions, and many drivers are not clear on who has right of way in a parking lot. Accidents can create even more confusion, since

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Contributory Negligence in Maryland

If you’ve been injured in an accident, who was at fault? Sometimes, more than one party shares fault for an accident. What happens if you’re partly to blame for your injury? Under a legal doctrine known as “contributory negligence,” you could be barred from recovering damages if you contributed in any way to causing an

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Maryland

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous way to get around. In more than half of crashes involving a motorcycle and a vehicle, the rider is not at fault. But lack of blame doesn’t make crashes less hazardous for motorcyclists: 75 percent of crashes result in an injury or fatality for the rider. One of

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Child Car Seat Laws in Maryland

Traveling by car is much safer for children than it used to be. The rate of children dying as passengers in vehicles has gone down by 60 percent since 1975, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Using appropriate restraints, including car seats, can further reduce the number of children dying or being seriously

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