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What to Do After an Insurance Claim Is Denied

One of the worse things for a person to experience is having their insurance claim denied. Whether you were in a car accident, slip and fall accident, or experienced some other trauma where someone else was liable for your injuries, you need to be compensated for your medical expenses, damages, and lost wages. However, insurance

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Synvisc-One Arthritis Injection Recall, Lawsuits, and Settlements

What Is Synvisc-One? Synvisc-One, an injectable medication used to treat knee pain (specifically, arthritis) has been recalled by its maker Sanofi Genzyme. This is a very serious complication for the thousands of people who use this medication for pain relief. If you are on this medication, or you have taken it in the past, your

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How to Sue Maryland State and Local Governments

Claims against Maryland government entities contain extra steps and several complications. It is easy to mishandle claims if you sustain injuries on government property or in an accident involving a city bus. If there is any situation where the guidance of a personal injury is vital, it is this one. Here is what to know

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Common Questions Regarding Pain and Suffering Lawsuits

Pain and suffering is often misunderstood. Insurance companies often claim that an injured person is manufacturing or exaggerating symptoms to win larger personal injury settlements. In reality, pain and suffering is just one factor in determining the settlement value of a lawsuit. It varies between individuals and honesty is likely the best way to recovery

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Maryland?

Lane splitting allows motorcycles, scooters, and other small vehicles to ride between lanes during slow traffic. It is a common practice in Europe where French and Italian drivers are more than accustomed to smaller vehicles passing them on the center lines. However, this practice is not legal in Maryland. Most American drivers are not accustomed

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Maryland Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

There was a time when you called a taxi if you needed a ride to get somewhere. Times are changing though, and taxis are no longer the only option. Riders now have a choice, and many are opting for app-based ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. These companies are not only changing transportation, they are

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Changes to Comparative Negligence Laws in Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents in Maryland

Parts of Maryland and surrounding areas, including Washington, DC, are very walkable. It is easy for pedestrians and cyclists to get around the city, even commute to work, by walking, running, or riding their bikes. The walkability of these areas also makes it very appealing for people who enjoy outdoor fitness activities. This means that

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Can A Person File a Lawsuit for Airbag Injuries?

When driving down the street, you are taking all the necessary safety precautions. You are yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, giving the right of way to other vehicles, and obeying all traffic laws. Yet accidents still have a way of happening even to the best drivers. Fortunately, you try to minimize the severity of your

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