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Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Centers in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

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Millions of Americans suffer from brain injuries every year, and more than half of these injuries necessitate extended hospital visits. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) consist of several severity degrees, and the worst TBIs can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.

Over half of all TBIs are the result of motor vehicle accidents, and another significant percentage of TBI victims are military personnel who’ve suffered from combat zone injuries. We help countless clients throughout Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. Metro Area to get the rightful compensation for their medical treatments, pain and suffering and everything in between; which ultimately helps TBI victims and their loved ones more easily get their lives back in order after these types of catastrophic injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Centers in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

All of us at DuBoff & Associates understand that our legal services are part of a multi-pronged approach to TBI rehabilitation and that it’s part of our responsibilities to set TBI victims and their loved ones up with the very best and most convenient rehabilitation centers in their local area.

We’ve created this list of traumatic brain injury rehab centers so that you can continue researching exactly where you think you or your loved one will receive complete TBI medical attention in a location that’s most convenient for your whole family.

TBI Treatment Centers in Maryland

Sandstone Care

Rockville, Maryland 20852

(240) 858-0384

Sandstone Care consists of several treatment centers throughout the D.C. Metro Area, and they primarily help young adults and adolescents through a whole array of treatment options for mental health treatment and substance use rehabilitation. They accept just about every insurance provider and are state licensed and accredited by The Joint Commission.

They have a multidisciplinary clinical team and help each TBI patient individually through vocational/academic support, multi-family group sessions, individual sessions and community events.

Healthy Foundations Group

4350 East-West Highway Suite 200

Bethesda, Maryland 20814

(844) 334-6407

The team at Healthy Foundations Group is comprised of psychiatrists, therapists and nurse practitioners who offer a wide variety of customized treatment plans that are always tailored to each patient and their family’s needs. They offer multi-disciplinary approaches to TBI care and work meticulously to determine the source of why a client is struggling.

They always do their due diligence when it comes to getting to know their patients on a personal level, and their treatment modalities include family, group and individual therapy. Their team strives to utilize their expertise in order to help TBI clients overcome the certain physical, mental and emotional obstacles that are blocking them from realizing their fullest potential.

A Quiet Journey Counseling & Associates

10000 Colesville Road

Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

(301) 684-5013

Their team of licensed professionals help patients of all mental health issues to manage good health habits, achieve personal goals and usher in an overall sense of well being. This treatment facility offers a confidential, safe and supportive environment for TBI victims, and they also utilize technology-assisted venues to help their clients remotely and come to their clients’ homes when it’s too hard to come to them.

They provide holistic services on site in order to help TBI patients spiritually, mentally and physically; and they also utilize a network of professionals for referrals as well to make it easier on patients and their families within certain circumstances.

Hope’s Horizon

4111 East Joppa Road Suite 101

Nottingham, Maryland 21236

(443) 429-1167

Hope’s Horizon utilizes individualized treatment plans that help TBI patients get on the right track towards recovery. They specialize in therapy options and offer a wide array of unique types of therapy, including art therapy, cognitive behavioral (CBT), emotionally focused, family, mindfulness-based (MBCT) and solution focused brief therapy.

Although their specialties are medical detox, addiction treatment and dual diagnosis, Hope’s Horizon has remained a prominent rehabilitation facility for TBI patients.

The William Donald Schaefer Rehabilitation Center

2200 Kernan Drive

Baltimore, MD 21207

(888) 453-7626

This rehabilitation center is located within Kernan Hospital in Baltimore, and it’s a part of the University Rehabilitation Network. Their Traumatic Brain Injury program serves adults and adolescents, and their overall goal for each patient is to achieve the highest levels possible within functionality and independence.

They have kitchen and bathroom setups so patients can re-learn daily living skills, and they offer a large array of therapeutic equipment. They are accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

The Good Samaritan Hospital of Maryland

5601 Loch Ravel Boulevard

Baltimore, MD 21239

(410) 532-3900

The partnership with John Hopkins University School of Medicine helps set this rehabilitation center apart when it comes to treating TBI victims, and individualized care is highly stressed at this rehabilitation center through the coordination of a case manager.

The TBI injury program does wonders in terms of helping patients independently return to their community through the efforts of an interdisciplinary team. This team also includes the patient’s family. They focus not only on physical coping, but also mental coping skills that every TBI patient requires after such tragic injuries.

They are also accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute

200 Kernan Drive

Baltimore, MD 21207

The Inpatient Brain Injury Program at this rehabilitation center offers a therapeutic, supportive environment that helps adolescents and adults throughout their TBI rehab. They utilize an interdisciplinary, comprehensive program to help each patient obtain their highest independence potential and ultimately return to their community.

Their inpatient/outpatient system makes it flexible for TBI patients and their families to obtain the appropriate services for individuals who range amongst the severity levels of TBIs. Family involvement is a paramount part of their overall rehabilitation strategy, and they also utilize a support group and education programs to help families and caregivers provide extra support to TBI patients.

LifeBridge Health

2401 W. Belvedere Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21215

(410) 601-9355

LifeBridge Health’s Brain Injury Program’s specific goals are to provide the very best neuro-rehabilitative care to TBI victims, and their staff of brain injury specialists are ACBIS-certified and are more than capable of handling the entire spectrum of brain injury treatments.

Their main goal is always to help TBI victims to resume their lives in a productive and meaningful way. Their inpatient and outpatient services are considered to be potentially the most complete and overarching throughout Maryland.

Kennedy Krieger Institute

1750 E. Fairmount Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21231

(443) 923-9200

The Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery is world-renowned and helps young adults and children recover from a whole array of brain injuries. They utilize a 24-hour inpatient program, as well as outpatient programs, to evaluate and treat TBI victims of all varieties up to 21-years-old.

Their Brain Injury Responsiveness program is comprised of an innovative team that for years has been refining the way inpatient TBI victims are treated and rehabilitated.

Brain Injury Association of Maryland

2200 Kernan Drive

Baltimore, MD 21207

1 (800) 221-6443

This rehabilitation program is the Maryland state affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America, which is a great connection that allows this local facility to be able to provide some of the most current research and overall best practices from around the entire country to Maryland’s TBI patients.

They offer support groups throughout the entire state and D.C. Metro Area, so family members of TBI patients and the patients themselves can collaborate together with people who are going through the same type of rehabilitation.

TBI Treatment Centers in Virginia

Family Institute of Virginia

2910 Monument Ave.

Richmond, VA 23221

(804) 214-3724

The Family Institute of Virginia is a private TBI rehabilitation center that provides a very broad range of mental health professionals and therapeutic services to families and individuals in need. It was established in 1977 and has gained a great reputation throughout the state over the years, while also remaining on the cutting edge of TBI rehab strategies.

They utilize an interdisciplinary approach that will touch every aspect of a patient’s life in order to provide comprehensive treatment for the individual and their loved ones. Their treatments always involve the whole family, and they consider therapy as a discovery, learning and growth-enabling process.

Traumatic brain injuries are just one of the many issues they help patients with, and they are renowned throughout Virginia as one of the best, private TBI rehabilitation centers.

The Better Brain Center

2121 Eisenhower Ave. Suite 604

Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 991-4802

The Better Brain Center is known for utilizing cutting edge mental health care techniques for their TBI patients through their neurofeedback, counseling services and psychiatry. They offer a wide array of clinical support, and their team lead by Dr. Adnan Durrani is considered to be not only one of the best medical teams in Virginia, but the entire east coast.

Neurofeedback is one of their cutting edge treatments that help TBI patients re-train their brain to respond to certain stimuli and stresses. This type of treatment can narrowly focus on specific brain areas, which allows the Better Brain Center team to finely target and improve brain function on an individual basis.

Sandstone Care

Fairfax, VA 22031

(240) 847-0735

Sandstone Care provides mental health services for patients between 13 and 18 years old, as well as young adults from 18 to 30. This includes day treatments, extended residential care, intensive outpatient and general outpatient treatments.

They focus in on the entire ecosystem of each patient, so for TBI patients this will include providing individual and family therapy sessions, academic and vocational support, and much more.

Although traumatic brain injuries are just one of the many issues that Sandstone helps patients with, they are still considered a top provider of TBI rehabilitation throughout Virginia.

The Scott Concierge Luxury Rehab

McLean, Virginia 22101

(888) 229-3154

This is a rather famous rehabilitation center that has locations all across the world, including in McLean. It is known for hosting very wealthy patients who are suffering from a whole array of mental health issues, including traumatic brain injuries.

Although this treatment center is more luxurious and expensive than most of the others in Virginia, that doesn’t mean that it lacks behind in quality care at all. When families of TBI victims pay the extra money that it does cost to get treatment at The Scott, the patient will also receive advanced clinical and medical care.

VCU Medical Center Inpatient Rehabilitation

1300 E. Marshall St.

Richmond, VA 23298

(804) 828-0861

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation department at VCU is considered to be one of the very best inpatient/outpatient TBI treatment programs in the entire country. It’s located at both the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center and at VCU Health, and their programs emphasize enhancing a TBI patient’s overall functional independence and quality of life through social activity participation, preventative care and health maintenance education.

This self-contained unit treats adolescent and adult patients with TBIs that stem from all different causes/accidents, and it also helps with less traumatic brain injuries like brain tumors, hemorrhages and aneurysms. This intensive rehabilitation program emphasizes therapeutic intervention, functional assessment, community reintegration and long-term follow-ups.

Brain Injury Services

4341 Ridgewood Center Dr.

Woodbridge, VA 22192

(571) 285-2480

Brain Injury Services is a unique TBI rehabilitation center that specializes in case management by addressing the overall needs of patients who have trouble with behavioral, cognitive and physical functioning. They help TBI patients and their families to minimize the need for any kind of institutionalization and ultimately maximize a patient’s abilities to thrive within their local community.

They offer a whole array of programs and services that aim to provide assistance in the Northern Virginia area, as well as Winchester, Fredericksburg and several other counties.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

8101 Hinson Farm Rd. #401

Alexandria, VA 22306

(703) 664-7000

This is a state-of-the-art medical facility and rehabilitation center that is known for its awards and recognition throughout the American medical industry. Their rehabilitation center is ranked amongst the top in the country, which is partly due to this hospital having one of the very best and most experienced medical staffs in the entire state of Virginia.

Virginia Hospital Center

1701 N. George Mason Dr. Suite 2-E

Arlington, VA 22205

(703) 200-5051

This rehabilitation center utilizes medical and therapy care, as well as multidisciplinary nursing in order to assist with the emotional and physical needs that TBI patients require. They mainly focus in on overall neurological and cognitive function recovery, improving swallowing and speech, increasing mobility and physical ability, and recovering the necessary skills for daily activities.

They also emphasize educating family members and patients throughout the entire rehabilitation process, and this includes a better understanding of the recovery stages for TBIs.

This facility is known for offering a wide variety of specialized treatment and equipment that goes above and beyond many other TBI treatment centers throughout Virginia.


Blacksburg, VA

(800) 743-6802

NeuroRestorative is a well-known provider for brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation services across the entire country, and their location in Blacksburg is in the very heart of the Virginia Tech University community. This location offers a whole array of support services and programs that help TBI patients, including their neurobehavioral, neurorehabilitation, respite, supported living and day treatment programs.

Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

28 Andrew Russell Lane

Fisherville, VA 22939

(540) 332-7000

WWRC provides an array of services for clients with a TBI, including the following:

  • Physical and neuropsychological evaluation
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Cognitive/speech therapy
  • Psychological support

These services are meant to help patients obtain a more functional independence and enhance their overall opportunities for future employment once their treatment is completed.

The WWRC staff utilizes a collaborative effort to treat and evaluate clients with TBIs, and each patient will obtain a ‘brain injury team’ that works together to create a unique, individualized service program.

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC)

7700 Arlington Blvd. Suite 5101

Falls Church, VA 22041

(800) 870-9244

This facility is a member of the U.S. Military Health System, and the DVBIC is known for being the TBI center for the Defense Health Agency since its founding in 1992. The core mission of this treatment center is to help veterans and service members to reintegrate themselves into their local communities after suffering mild to severe TBIs.

This facility helps service members from the moment of their injury all the way to the point of their return to duty or community reintegration. They’ve taken on a number of very important database and research duties for the U.S. military, and still today are an integral part of helping U.S. military men and women who fall victim to TBIs of all types.

TBI Treatment Centers in Washington, D.C.

MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

102 Irving Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20010

(202) 877-1000

The MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital has been widely known as one of the United States’ best medical facilities that specialize in spinal cord and brain injuries. Their team of award-winning physicians and vocational rehabilitation counselors, among many others, have access to some of the most cutting edge assistive technology and equipment within the TBI treatment field.

They also specialize in TBI treatment research and education. They are also CARF and JCAHO certified.

George Washington University Hospital

900 23rd Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20037

(202) 715-4000

The therapists who specialize in neurological rehabilitation at this hospital deal with much more than just TBI patients, but they are still considered some of the very best TBI specialists in the entire country. They’ll utilize an entire multidisciplinary team to conduct occupational, physical and speech-language treatments in order to help patients fully restore their functionality and independence.

These medical experts consider many types of neurological rehabilitation as a great alternative to pain medication and sometimes even surgery. They use a whole array of therapy techniques that are customized to each TBI patient, and their impeccable track record speaks for itself.

Brain Injury Association of Washington

1232 17th St. NW

Washington, D.C. 20036

(202) 659-0122

This is a TBI treatment facility that was created in 2007 on the foundation that every member of the board of directors was in some way affected by a traumatic brain injury directly or indirectly. Their overall mission is to create brighter futures for all patients who suffer from all calibers of TBIs through research, education, prevention, and fundraising.

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