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Violent Crimes

A violent crime is any crime that involves violent force or the threat of violent force. Anyone charged with such a crime faces the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. If you or someone you love is charged with a violent crime in the state of Maryland, seek experienced legal help as soon as you can. Contact the violent crimes attorneys at DuBoff & Associates, Chartered.

Common violent crime charges at the state and federal levels

Prosecutors usually pursue violent crime convictions very vigorously, as these crimes tend to be high profile and widely publicized. Our violent crimes lawyers possess years of experience fighting criminal charges, including:

  • Murder and homicide
  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Battery and aggravated battery
  • Robbery and armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Malicious destruction
  • Domestic violence

Common issues in violent crime cases

In many violent crime investigations, the police assume an existing relationship between the assailant and the victim. At the very least, they often proceed on the assumption that the two parties know one another. So in many cases, police and prosecutors focus their investigations almost solely on family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances of the victim. Sometimes extremely circumstantial evidence comes into play. This, coupled with the pressure that can be placed on police to keep violent criminals off the streets, can lead to false accusations, arrests and poorly investigated leads.

Other types of violent crime charges that we support our clients in defending can include sex crimesweapons crimes and juvenile offenses.

Anyone facing violent crime charges must remember not to talk to the police or the victim without an attorney present. Nothing good can come of doing so and anything you say will almost certainly come back to haunt you during an investigation or a trial.

At DuBoff & Associates, Chartered, we understand how holes in the case of the prosecution can be identified and exploited during a criminal trial. We are skilled attorneys and investigators with experience uncovering false statements against our clients or contradictory evidence in the cases against them.

The Law Firm That Cares puts our violent crime lawyers in your corner

At DuBoff & Associates, Chartered, we serve all of Maryland and Washington, D.C., from Garrett County to Montgomery County, from Prince George’s County to Cecil County. No matter where you are — Beltway or Eastern Shore — we can help. Contact us online or at 301.495.3131 to arrange a consultation today.

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