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Weapons Crimes

In a state where certain areas — such as Baltimore — suffer from extremely high rates of gun-related violence, the police and prosecutors have considerable experience prosecuting such crimes and making the charges stand up in a court of law. If you face weapons crimes charges, you need skilled legal guidance from the experienced Maryland weapons crimes attorneys of DuBoff & Associates, Chartered.

Common weapons crimes in the Chesapeake Bay State

Some of the most common weapons crimes in Maryland are:

  • Possessing an unauthorized or illegal weapon, or failing to register a weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Possessing a weapon if you are a convicted felon
  • Using a deadly weapon to commit a felony
  • Aggravated weapons charges
  • Any weapons charges related to a domestic violence charge

What the weapons laws in Maryland say

In Maryland, there are no laws against keeping a handgun in your home. But you cannot take your gun out of your home unless it is registered and you have the proper permits. Otherwise, you face a handgun possession charge. Often, for first offenders with no criminal intent, these charges are easily addressed through probation or other less serious penalties with no criminal record afterwards.

If you use a handgun while you are committing a crime, however, that is an entirely different story. The minimum penalty in Maryland for committing a crime with a handgun in your possession is five years without parole.

Potential defenses against weapons crimes

Every criminal weapons charge is different, of course, but certain common defenses can be applied to various cases, such as those governed by the U.S. Constitution or the Maryland Constitution, including rules against unlawful search and seizure and proper recordkeeping by police.

Weapons charges are sometimes also related to violent crimes and other criminal charges. When you or a loved one are facing weapons charges in Maryland, it can be a scary thing to face alone. The experienced attorneys at DuBoff & Associates, Chartered can give you advice and guidance to help you to make the best decisions.

Maryland weapons crimes are nothing to take lightly

At DuBoff & Associates, Chartered, our criminal defense lawyers have provided outstanding legal defenses for years. We know Maryland criminal law inside and out. We handle cases in all 23 counties in the state of Maryland as well as in Washington D.C. and California. Contact us online or at 301.495.3131 to arrange a consultation.

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