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Federal Government May Regulate Distracting Phone Apps

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 By

We all know smartphones are sources of distraction for drivers behind the wheel. Texting or chatting while driving leads to an increased risk of car accidents, and every state, except one, has a texting ban on the books. However, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to GPS apps on smartphones.

Having a navigation app read you directions is certainly safer than holding an atlas on your steering wheel as you drive, but some smartphone apps may offer too much functionality, which could, ultimately, distract users while driving.

Yahoo News reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like to step in and regulate how these apps work to ensure drivers don’t use any unnecessary features while the GPS apps are open in a moving vehicle.

The Distracted-Driving Bill Has Been Met With Mixed Reactions

Most auto companies have fully embraced an anti-distraction stance, so they are onboard with the proposed regulations. However, app developers criticize the proposal as impractical. Unlike dedicated GPS systems, smartphone apps are designed to work in many situations outside of the car, so there is no real way to limit the apps in the car without cutting features across the board. There is also a problem with enforcement, because new apps arrive for sale all the time, and it would be extremely difficult to hold all app makers to the new regulations.

Car manufacturers have already embraced rules that limit driver interaction times to two seconds for built-in GPS units. However, critics were quick to point out that drivers moving at 60 miles per hour will travel approximately 176 feet during that time.

If you’ve suffered an injury during a distracted-driving accident in Baltimore, then you might know firsthand how dangerous texting while driving can be. You may also have learned how difficult it is to negotiate with insurance companies and get compensation without an accident lawyer.

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Auto Company Uses Simulator to Deter Drinking and Driving

CBS Baltimore reports that Ford is taking an active approach to keeping teens from drinking and driving by showing them the dangers firsthand. The car manufacturer has teens try to navigate an obstacle course in a car while wearing blurring goggles. Ford says most people don’t think to address the issue because young teens shouldn’t be drinking, but recent statistics show they do anyway.

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