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Baltimore’s Most Violent Neighborhoods

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 By

Baltimore police reported thousands of violent crimes throughout the city in 2016.

Baltimore’s Most Violent Neighborhoods


The Brooklyn neighborhood, in the city’s Southern district, was the location of more than 180 violent crimes for the year. Assaults, shootings and homicides occurred in various locations in the neighborhood, but several areas stood out among the Baltimore crime statistics.

South Hanover Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 8th Street, 9th Street, 10th Street, Glade Court, Doris Avenue and Hyden Court were the sites of numerous aggravated assaults. Meanwhile, homicides occurred within the neighborhood on Jeffrey Street, Edwight Court, Saint Victor Street, Saint Margaret Street, 10th Street, Cambria Street, East Patapsco Avenue and  Maude Avenue.

Police also reported more than 30 shootings in the neighborhood during 2016.

Downtown Baltimore

Baltimore’s Downtown neighborhood in the Central district saw the second-highest total of violent crimes, at 178. East Baltimore Street, West Lexington Street, West Baltimore Street, Saint Paul Street, Eutaw Street and South Calvert Street were among the locations with the highest numbers of reports in the neighborhood.

Police reported 15 shootings in the neighborhood for the period, along with two homicides.


Police reported 174 total violent crimes for the year in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood in the Western district. North Mount Street, North Fremont Avenue and North Calhoun Street were reported as the sites of frequent violent crimes.

The neighborhood was the site of nine homicides for the year and 34 shootings.

Baltimore Homicides and Shootings

Baltimore police reported more than 660 shootings for the year, with the vast majority reported with “street” as the location. Some shootings also reportedly occurred in dwellings, and a handful were reported on buses, in hospitals and in public housing.

In 2016, the city also reported a near-record 318 homicides. That total represented the second-deadliest year by population on record, lagging behind only 2015, when the city experienced a surge in violence following the death of Freddie Gray.

Killings in 2016 occurred in various parts of the city, including areas that normally see much lower rates of violence. However, certain neighborhoods were hit harder than others when it came to violent deaths.

The Western district had by far the highest number of homicides at 61. The Central district had 20, Eastern 49, Northeastern 37, Northern 18, Northwestern 44, Southeastern 23, Southern 30 and Southwestern 36.

Police reported that a significant number of the homicides were committed with victims shot in the head, which indicated specifically targeted attacks. In addition, the city is one of the most lethal in the country, with a roughly a third of gunshot victims dying.

In some cases, homicides occurred when suspects shot into crowds. More than 50 of the dead were shot in incidents in which at least one other individual also was hurt or killed.

More Than 300 Dead in the City

In December, two men — ages 42 and 48 — died in one of those multiple-homicide incidents. The killings occurred on Groveland Avenue, in the West Arlington neighborhood in the Northwestern district. The men’s deaths represented the city’s 300th and 301st homicides for the year.

In late November, six men were shot outside the Stop 1 Food Store, at the intersection of Garrison Boulevard and Duvall Avenue in the Garwyn Oaks neighborhood. Two men died in the attack.

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